Available online starting from 14 August until 14 September 2022

Incontinence Post Stroke
Dr Keng Jun Ni

Post Stroke Bone Health
Dr Hakimah Sallehuddin

Multi Focal Infarcts on CT Brain to Treat or Not to Treat
Dr Noor Azleen Ahmad Tarmizi

Mechanical Thrombectomy in the Older Person
Dr Quah Jing Yao

Rehab and Discharge Planning
Dr Ungku Ahmad Ameen

Advanced Care Planning Post-Stroke
Prof Dr Tan Maw Pin

PIMs and PIP - Potentially Inappropriate Medications and Prescribing in Older Stroke Patients
Assoc Prof Dr Tan Kit Mun

Emergency Medicine

Own Transport or Ambulance? Making the Right Choice
Dr Low Mook Yuang

Stroke Communication - How Good Are We?
Dr Leong Yuen Chin

Mapping of Ambulance Access to Stroke Facility
Dr Mohd Sidqi Mohd Soel

Getting Right Patient to Right Center - Private and University?
Dr Umul Khair Mohamad

TIA in Emergency Room
Assoc Prof Dr Kamarul Aryffin Baharuddin


Haemostatic Therapies for Intracerebral Haemorrhage
Prof Nikola Sprigg

Lifestyle Modifications for Secondary Stroke Prevention : Are we Doing Enough?
Dr Wong Hui Jie

Role of Tocotrienols in Neuroprotection and Cognitive Impairment
Assoc Prof Hoo Fan Kee

Primary Care

Primary Care Hypertension Researches
Dr Navin Kumar Devaraj

Empower Sustain: A Self Monitoring Tool for CVD Prevention
Prof Dr Anis Safura Ramli

Teleconsultation for Long Term Stroke Care
Assoc Prof Dr Aznida Firzah Abdul Aziz

Seamless Stroke Care among the Elderly Patients in the Community
Dr Noor Harzana binti Harrun 


Restorative vs Compensatory Approaches in Stroke Rehabilitation
Dr Mazatulfazura SF binti Salim

Creating Environmental Enrichment to Enhance Stroke Recovery
Dr Wong Yean Tzeh

Robo-Rehab in Stroke Population
Dr Al-Hafiz Ibrahim

Neuromodulation in Stroke Rehabilitation
Dr Chung Tze Yang 

Use of Standardized Outcome Measures in Stroke Patients-Physiotherapy Perspectives
Ms Rubini Ravandran

Spasticity after Stroke: Early Detection and Management Options 
Dr Sakinah Sabirin


Role of Cerebral Oxymetry in Acute Anterior Circulation Ischemic Infarction, Single Centre Experience
Dr Md Yuzairif Bin Md Yusof

Mechanical Thrombectomy for Acute Ischaemic Stroke
Dr Chan Kin Wong

Imaging of Extracranial Internal Carotid Artery In Acute Stroke
Dr Mohd Izzat Arslan Bin Che Ros

Imaging in Stroke with Clinical Correlation
Dr Mohamad Syafeeq Faeez bin Md Noh

Stroke Thrombectomy in East Coast; Our Early Limited Experience
Dr Bazli Md Yusoff

Emegency Carotid Stenting in Acute Stroke
Dr Bibi Sadaqat bt Rahim

MRI as first line imaging in Stroke
Dr Mohd Naim bin Mohd Yaakob

DISCLAIMER: Whilst every attempt would be made to ensure all aspects of the conference mentioned in the Programme will take place as scheduled, the Organising Committee assumes no responsibility should it fail to materialize due to any unforeseen circumstances.